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IGCSE Travel & Tourism

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Past Papers

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IGCSE Travel + Tourism

IGCSE Travel + Tourism resources

Unit 1. The travel and tourism industry

1.1 Understand and explain the structure of the international travel and tourism industry

1.2 Investigate the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of travel and tourism

1.3 Identify the role of national governments in forming tourism policy and promotion

1.4 Investigate the patterns of demand for international travel and tourism

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Unit 2: Features of worldwide destinations

2.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the main global features

2.2 Demonstrate awareness of different time zones and climates

2.3 Investigate travel and tourism destinations

2.4 Identify and describe the features which attract tourists to a particular destination

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Unit 3: Customer care & working procedures

3.1 Dealing with customers and colleagues

3.2 Identify the essential personal skills required when working in the travel and tourism industry

3.3 Follow basic procedures when handling customer enquiries, reservations and payments

3.4 Use reference sources to obtain information

3.5 Explore the presentation and promotion of tourist facilities

Unit 4: Travel and Tourism products ands services

4.1: Identify and describe tourism products

4.2: Explore the roles of tour operators and travel agents in the chain of distribution

4.3: Describe support facilities for travel and tourism

4.4: Explore the features of worldwide transport in relation to major international routes

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Unit 5: The marketing & promotion of visitor services

5.1: Role and function of marketing and promotion

5.2: Market segmentation and targeting

5.3: Marketing Mix:





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Unit 6: The marketing & promotion of visitor services

6.1: The operation, role and function of tourist boards and tourist information centres

6.2: The provision of tourist products and services

6.3: Basic principles of marketing and promotion

6.4: Marketing mix

6.5: Leisure travel services

6.6: Business travel services

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